Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tale of a dead city

A panoramic view of kochi from the Kochi kayal backwater

Kochi - The queen of Arabian Sea or also know as Arabi Kadalinde Raaknji is in the threshold of "development"(whatever it means). Vallarpaadam Container Terminal, Dubai Internet city - Smart city, The proposed Seaport-Airport Road, IT parks of kinfra, Special economic zones . . . . . The list of "Developmental" projects is huge. The Business houses and Real Estate Agencies have already started acquiring land in bulk. The IT giants (Wipro, Infosys & TCS) are also among the front runners. Combined they have already acquired hectors of land in and around Ernakulam District. With the Land prices shooting high "Real estate Mafia"(so called) is also filling up their pockets. With Land prices doubling every four months Middle class business men and even "profession"als are investing their life savings in "Real" Estate.

But the big question is still unanswered. "Is she ready??"

The Narrow Roads of Broadway and the already busy M.G. Road cannot take any more crowd as it is already over whelmed with the never ending "festive" seasons. The Road traffic and Rail Traffic are already setting new Records of "worstisity". Public service and Governmental Organizations are simply growing into the most unproductive expenditure for the state. Poor Administration, Corruption and Crime Rate are not having any News value any more.

The Public sector is clearly not ready for the outburst of Information technology and "Development" But the real problem is else where. The Poor and Narrow roads and lack of basic infrastructure is just the tip of the Iceberg. These problems can be resolved by planning a "New Ernakulam" (Like New Delhi or New Hyderabad) in and around the Aluva-Kalamassery-Kakkanad Area which is going to be the center for the development. The issue of infrastructure will be resolved by opening new Buildings, shopping malls, Constructing new "Broad" Ways and Highways and this can be done with Private sector collaboration.

To be continued.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

International Workers Day

It is international workers day and the last thing we do is working.

Oh My GOD i am 26 when am i going to learn how this whole thing actually functions.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Anti Reservation Movement

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Anti-reservation movement

Aman Jagannathan, 18, had never been arrested before. Neither had he ever publicly protested against the government.

Last year, the police picked him up twice -- while protesting at India Gate and outside the Supreme Court -- in New Delhi. He and his friends were in custody for 6 to 7 hours.

A friendly and eloquent medical student at India's best medical college, Aman is unsure if he wants his identity revealed as he looks back at the past year.

"I know I am not saying anything illegal but I just want to be careful," says the second year MBBS student at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, sitting on the steps of the Institute's playground. "I don't want to be known on campus as being against OBCs because I am not. I am just against the idea of reservation. I don't want to be misunderstood."

Last year, the government decided to increase the number of reserved seats in central government-run elite educational institutes like the Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institutes of Management and AIIMS by 27 per cent for the Other Backward Classes, taking reservations up to 50 per cent. Students on the campus were upset and agitated.

Aman knew he could not just sit back. He wanted to do something. He wanted to be heard.

"I am not against social justice but I feel merit should be appreciated. Reserve seats for those who don't have the economic means. Reserve seats for the children of those in the armed forces. Nobody will protest if you reserve seats for those who earn less than a lakh every year. Why should caste be the overarching factor? It's not my fault I was born a Brahmin."

In December, the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Bill, 2006 was passed in Parliament. But for the students, their fight was far from over.


Fonceur said...

Nice post.

But when i see the whole Anti-reservation movement. I feel very pissed off.

The whole anti reservation movement is just a toy which government gives us to play. we play with it for sometime. while we are playing with we forget all the other important things and the government successfully hides all their faults.

Whenever there is an election they come up with these kind of issues because they might have not done anything solid to highlight. They just increase the percentage 2%-5%. What is the difference it is going to make it will be just 10 or 15 or maximum 30 people getting a seat in the premier institutes of the country.

If the government wanted to really uplift the minority then they should have tried and improved the quality of education given to the minority communities and make them eligible for the super competitive exams.

If they really are genuine with the claim of bieng the aam aadmi party or the india shining party then they should make sure that each and every child of the country gets atleast the primary education.

I am not interested in the Anti Reservation movement as the whole movement is baseless and self centered.

Commenting for and against the movement is the same. we are just falling for the greatest trick of the government.

About a HAIR

Place: Nungambakam, Scope international, Asia building, lift #2, Ground floor

Time: 2:00 pm IST

I was enjoying the "Dooba Dooba rahtha hoon" of Silk route from my headset. I pressed the button 3 and as usual looked at the mirror to check my hair. Normally i dont have to do anything on my hair as it is as stiff as a rock and as strong as iron. I dont have to comb my hair for months and still look handsome (Exaggeration at his very best).

But this time the case was different. The clock stopped and the heart skipped a beat.


Too many things started popping into my mind. I was like handling 100 tabs in my firefox and new windows still popping up. I pressed a Alt+Ctrl+Del and told myself "People Grey their hair when they starts thinking too much". But when was the last time i made the best use of my brain?? The Task Manager committed suicide 5 more new tabs popped up.

It was too much to handle. I went to the loo plucked the Mr Grey and clicked the restart button. When the system rebooted the process was dead already and next song was playing in my player "Chak de phattee" from khosla ka ghosla.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Understanding Mozhi

Can we think about anything without using any words .?

Are all the human thoughts influenced by the words which he knows. What about the millions of words we are not aware of. ?

What about emotions like love, happiness, anger? How are they expressed.? Are they just a reflection of thoughts or are they a state of mind?

If they are reflection of thoughts, then what is the influence of words on those thoughts. ?

How important is a mozhi(language) for thinking?

What is the sound that we hear while we are thinking? Is it just an echo of what we are thinking about.? Or is it the very thought itself?

How can a deaf and dump person think?

It is definitely not possible to think in actions. Then what do they hear when they are thinking about something.?

What is their perception about sound?

How are their imaginations. How do they take their decisions and what do they think if there are no words to think with.

The words we use are meaningful only when it has a sound otherwise it is just a collection of letters. How can they think when there are no sounds for the words they know. Are their thoughts just a collection of letters.? How do they manage to think like normal human beings. How are we able to understand their thoughts.

The Truth is we humans are beyond our five senses. A blind man can dream so can a deaf person think.

The Modern science which revolves only around the five senses is completely useless.

GOD is great.

Bloody Americans..!!

When will you guys learn to appriciate the obvious talent.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Intellectual CRAP

We (The Middle class) think we are intellects and we have something to give to the world. We think our experience are great and should be shared with others. We think that we have a special place in this world and we have something to contribute to the collective good off the world. We think that we can make the difference.

Well let me tell you this to all you people who think like wise.

its just a crap..

You Have nothing to contribute to this world. You are just an instrument. Part of the stupid middle class. Nothing to contribute yes that's the word. Please note it down.

You have something to say to the world? Let me say you this there is nobody to hear you.. You are talking to blind Ears and deaf eyes. Even if they manage to see what you are saying or hear what you are showing I bet they cant feel the taste of what you give.

All you can do is just post some Intellectual Crap and say to yourself.

"Hmm At least i've done something"