Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Understanding Mozhi

Can we think about anything without using any words .?

Are all the human thoughts influenced by the words which he knows. What about the millions of words we are not aware of. ?

What about emotions like love, happiness, anger? How are they expressed.? Are they just a reflection of thoughts or are they a state of mind?

If they are reflection of thoughts, then what is the influence of words on those thoughts. ?

How important is a mozhi(language) for thinking?

What is the sound that we hear while we are thinking? Is it just an echo of what we are thinking about.? Or is it the very thought itself?

How can a deaf and dump person think?

It is definitely not possible to think in actions. Then what do they hear when they are thinking about something.?

What is their perception about sound?

How are their imaginations. How do they take their decisions and what do they think if there are no words to think with.

The words we use are meaningful only when it has a sound otherwise it is just a collection of letters. How can they think when there are no sounds for the words they know. Are their thoughts just a collection of letters.? How do they manage to think like normal human beings. How are we able to understand their thoughts.

The Truth is we humans are beyond our five senses. A blind man can dream so can a deaf person think.

The Modern science which revolves only around the five senses is completely useless.

GOD is great.


Anne Blythe said...

Didn't you think without words when you were a baby-..its the same for a deaf and dumb person. The faculties a deaf and dumb person has haven't been developed in us because we have been taught language.

The reason that we think with language is because we have been TAUGHT to think like that. Our thoughts are converted into language. You can't equate them to language.

Of course, there are words we havn't found or know to expess our thoughts. Don't you feel often like there's something you want to say, and you can't find the word. Aren't you thinking without words then? Without language?

Modern science isn't useless.

Fonceur said...

See that is the point i wanted to hit.

There is no need of senses for a human's existance. We humans are eternal and are beyond the materialsitic boundries.

The senses are materialistic.

We are not aware of the real dimensions of a human. Like you said we could think without words it is just that we are made to think this way because we are taught this way. The same is applicable to all other senses also.

Fonceur said...

And the Modern Science which revolves around the senses are completly useless because it cannot understand the real Essense of the human bieng which is beyond the senses.

inlivenout said...

WHAT CRAP?? I guess I am far better at writing crap.

Shut down the blog, NOW! Or else I will do mariyal porattam and burn your effigies!! ;)

Fonceur said...

Thank you very much...

This is what i wanted..

Now i can have a peacefull Death..

Ha ha ha ha...


Fonceur said...

And this is just a begining.. See How much potential i am having in this business..